When we talk about finance, we are talking about all the activities related to financial transactions. Indeed, the sector is very vast in terms of jobs. This sector is full of different profiles. We are going to make you discover the three best jobs in this sector.

The fields of activity in which finance jobs can be found

Before sending you the top 3 best finance jobs, it is our duty to inform you about the fields in which one can freely practice in the sector. Talking about finance jobs, they are generally found in three main areas. The three areas of activity in which finance professions can be found are banking, business, and of course insurance.
In these three areas, the missions of finance professionals are processing financial documents; advisory activities; management, and audits... Several professions are related to these missions. You will discover them in the following lines.

The top three finance jobs

As you may have understood, there are several jobs in the finance sector that you can do. We have just selected the three best jobs in this sector.
1. Financial controller
The person who works in this profession is an expert in management control. He or she is responsible for monitoring the results and financial performance of companies. He/she, therefore, participate in the decision-making process and the development of strategies in companies.
2. Financial controller
This job is very different from that of the management controller. This job is much closer to accounting. It also deals with administrative management issues and the cash flow of companies. The responsibilities of the financial controller are more extensive.
3. Broker
The broker is an expert who settles financial problems between two parties. He is in charge of defending his client to leave with the best offer. He usually works in insurance.