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  2. We have the biggest and best Play Money tournaments

    Take part in tourneys at PokerStars for the widest pool of Play Money players anywhere. Compete for huge prizes, with the widest selection of tourney types, the biggest chip guarantees, and the most generous payout structures.

    Tournament Highlights:

    Play Money Majors with huge guarantees

    Play the largest tournaments against the best Play Money players in the world for huge chip prizes.

    Exciting formats like Win the Button, Bubble Rush and Knockout Poker

    Learn and enjoy fresh twists on tourney play with a massive range of different formats, giving you more ways to win.

    Selection of table formats including Heads-up, 3-Handed, 4-Handed and 8-Handed

    Master all types of poker play, from the thrill of battling just one opponent, to learning the skills and strategy of what it takes to win big pots against players at a variety of different table sizes.

    Build your bankroll with The Daily Bigs, The Hot Turbos, and Bounty Builders tourneys

    We give you the best playing experience with a variety of great formats daily.

    Buy-ins to suit every level

    Whether you’re new to poker, hitting the dizzying heights of The Big Leagues Leader Board, or anything in between, we have buy-in levels for you. Starting from 10K all the way up to 250M!

    Play with the pros

    Poker legend Barry Greenstein is a well-known Play Money advocate. Join Barry and World Series Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker in special tournaments like the Platinum Elite Invitational and mix your play with the best.

    Tournament Schedule

    We have three great tourneys running most hours. Head to the Tournaments tab to see the full schedule and find your favourite.

    If you have any questions, contact Support.

    First Deposit Bonus

    First Deposit Bonus

    All players making their first deposit qualify for the PokerStars 100% deposit bonus of up to $600.

    Daily Bigs

    Daily Bigs

    PokerStars has tournaments with giant prize pools running every day. Take your shot at the Daily Bigs!

    Special Offers

    Special Offers

    PokerStars has special offers running all year round, with cash prizes, seats to the best live events and much more.

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