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      1. MicroMillions 15 - the richest low-stakes tournaments in poker

        Massive tournaments and small buy-ins make MicroMillions poker’s ultimate low-stakes tournament series. Millions of dollars have been awarded in prize money to date, and with buy-ins starting from just $1.10, this tournament series is perfect for players of all levels.

        MicroMillions 15 takes place from July 14-28. Play for millions of dollars in prize pools over a wide range of exciting events, and take your shot at MicroMillions glory!

        Scroll down for the tournament schedule and to register for your favorite events, and don't forget to visit the PokerStars Blog for in-depth coverage of MicroMillions 15.

        Spin & Go - Turn $0.40 into a MicroMillions ticket or up to $4,000 cash!

        Just a few minutes is all it takes to win a cash prize or MicroMillions ticket - including a seat in the Main Event - with our limited-edition Spin & Go tournaments.

        Spin & Go tournaments are fast-paced, three-player turbo tournaments where the prize pool is determined by a random spinner before play begins. Click here to learn more.

        From July 14-28, play a special $0.40 Spin & Go to play for one of the prizes listed below.

        Spin & Go Prizes & Probabilities

        $4,000 cash (plus $400 each to runners-up) 1 in 1,000,000
        $22 MicroMillions Main Event entry 3,600 in 1,000,000
        $5.50 MicroMillions ticket 11,500 in 1,000,000
        $3.30 MicroMillions ticket 40,000 in 1,000,000
        $1.10 MicroMillions ticket 249,436 in 1,000,000
        $0.80 cash 695,463 in 1,000,000

        7.5% of buy-ins goes to rake.

        Challenges – Complete to enter MicroMillions Main Event Freerolls

        Head to your Challenges Window for details on how you can win tournament tickets and Main Event entries in two special Freerolls, each awarding over $15,000 in prizes!

        Challenges are tailored to players and feature different game types, including Zoom and Spin & Go. Open your Challenges Window now for all the details!

        Second Chance Shootouts – $25,000 in extra tickets

        Any time you bust out of a MicroMillions event* without making the money, you’ll receive entry to an All-in Shootout the following day at 10:00 ET. Second Chance Shootouts run daily from July 22-28, each awarding $4,000 in tickets to other events in the series.

        *Please Note: In KO events tickets are awarded to players who do not reach the money from the regular prize pool. No freeroll tickets will be awarded for busting any events on July 28.

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        Tournament Schedule

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        Special Offer Details & Rules

        MicroMillions Spin & Go’s

        • MicroMillions will run from July 14-28, 2019
        • The first entry that a player wins for the MicroMillions Main Event will be non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
        • Any subsequent entries won to the MicroMillions Main Event will be exchanged for T$ (Tournament Money) instantly.
        • Players winning multiple MicroMillions tickets valued at $1.10, $3.30 or $5.50 can use them to enter any event or satellite with that buy-in.
        • After the conclusion of MicroMillions 15, these tickets will be converted within 72 hours to generic tickets to be used for any scheduled tournaments with the same buy-in.
        • MicroMillions Spin & Go probabilities are subject to change.

        MicroMillions Second Chance Shootouts

        • This offer commences on July 22 and runs until July 28, 2019
        • When a player busts a MicroMillions event (eliminated before reaching the money from the regular prize pool) from July 22, they will be automatically registered to a MicroMillions Second Chance Shootout for the following day at 10:00 ET.
        • A player may only qualify for any single day’s Second Chance Shootout once.
        • These all-in shootouts award $4,000 in MicroMillions tickets which are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
        • If unused, these tickets will expire after July 28, 2019.

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